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Ultrasonic devices claim to use ultra-high frequency sound waves to chase away birds, bats, rodents and arthropod pests like fleas, cockroaches, silverfish and. ULTRASONIC PEST CONTROLLER projects direct frequency of 25, Hz to 26, Hz for seconds at every 8 seconds intermittently. It will affect rats and mice. Find a wide selection of Ultrasonic Pest Repellents. We have all the best brands at great prices!

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Bell + Howell UltraSonic Pest Repellers are a fast and effective way to drive out pests. This chemical and odor-free pest control system effectively repels. The theory of ultrasonic repellents is to create a sound irritating to rodents, but yet at a frequency out of the range of human hearing. Even though sound may. Bell + Howell 2-pack Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repellers These innovative pest repellers use a two-pronged sonic attack to chase pests from your home.

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Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a national manufacturer and supplier that specialize in providing of Ultrasonic Pest Repeller related products. Mice quickly become accustomed to regularly repeated sounds. Ultrasonic sounds have limited use in rodent control because they are directional and do not. Rodents are driven out of nesting spots in in wall and ceiling cavities. Ultrasonic devices will only stop pests if they are within a direct line of sight of.